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Providing access to scholarly journals is a challenge for the library and information centers today. To meet the problem of serial crisis as a result of rising in cost of journals much faster than the rate of inflation, proliferation in the number of journals and the paucity of funds available to the libraries, the concept of library consortium has emerged. Library consortium ensures online access to a large number of journals at a limited cost. We are providing here the links of various consortium and resources in India to enhance the quality of library services for the students.

Courseware and Learning Resources
SWAYAM: Massive Open Online Courses
SWAYAMPRABHA: View Digital Courses on TV
e-Acharya (INFLIBNET Gandhinagar)
e-PG Pathshala (INFLIBNET Gandhinagar)
e-ShodhSindhu (e-SS)
e-Yantra: Engineering for better Tomorrow
Virtual Labs: Web-enabled experiements designed for remote operation
FOSSEE: Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education
Spoken Tutorial: Tutorial in IT Application
National Digital Library of India (NDLI)
Shodhganga: A reservoir of Indian Theses
NPTEL Video Lectures
Free Lecture videos
Harvard Open Courseware
MIT Open Courseware and other Learning Resources (OCW)
Open Yale Courses
Oxford Mathematics Open Courseware and other Learning Resources
Video Lecture
Shodh Shudhhi (PDS): Plagiarism Detection Software
IRINS: Research Information Management System